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Our approach for turnkey projects is simply convenient.

With base operations in London, our Industrial Installations service is offered across UK and Europe.

Our industrial installation service has a solid structure, proven effective working methods and the ability to offer your project a suitable solution to fit your timescale and budget.

It is difficult to cover widely all kinds of electromechanical installation for projects, but Indufit Machine has been carrying them out for years. And during that time we have managed to gather a team of committed and skilled technicians and engineers, with proactive initiative and ingenious solutions.

We can offer technical advice and mechanical & electrical assessments to support industrial installations and machines, disassembly works, machinery transportation, refurbishment and updating, assembly and start-ups.

Indufit Machine has the machinery, tools and technical resources to carry out any industrial installation with certified technicians specialized in applicable technologies and projects, in order to obtain the best result for your installations or production lines playback.

We know how important it is for our customers to have prior information before proceeding with an industrial installation. And for this reason we carry out an analysis of its technical condition. We also provide a list of possible modifications and improvements that are recommended in order to meet, or even improve the production objectives.

We also set the personnel who carries out the work on this list and provide the technical resources, machines and tools required to avoid possible unforeseen problems and the additional costs as much as possible.

Financially concerned on your project?

The key point for our industrial installation service is, undoubtedly, our expertise, but our preliminary study leads to assess on the feasibility of your investment, or whether it can be paid back in the short or medium term.

Your Industrial Installation project in good hands with us. It is well known that at times industrial installations projects might become nightmares for business owners. It is because they do not carry out an efficient preliminary study of the installation’s status, the available spare parts or the type of maintenance needed.

For all these reasons, Indufit Machine offers complete a tailored industrial installations service that includes the preliminary study, reliable implementation deadlines fitted to your timescale, and assessment on the maintenance required. We also supply spare parts data gen and controlling, and a possible compatibility with the obsolete material.

It is a matter of clearly specifying the whole process with the most accurate budget in order to determine the feasibility of the investment. Contact us, and lets arrange a meeting to outline your needs.

Electrical Industrial Installations

Foster a plan, to quantify, organise, outline tasks, and able to connect and to monitor them. Your Electrical industrial installations involve complex processes, that when not carried properly, brings up undesirable results. At Indufit Machine we care for every step leading to fulfill your expectancies on your installations. Our service is just amazing.

For us an electrical installation, have to be backed with a preliminary technical and financial appraisal set in order to assess whether the investment will be feasible for you.

For this matter we provide you with guidance on your  electrical installations status, forecasting possible repairs, last minute modifications and suggested updates for improved operation.

Once the preliminary study has been carried out, a budget will be drawn up with all the information that is as precise as possible. It shall specifically indicate all the work that is expected to be carried out and materials to be used so that you can keep track of it.

Industrial Installations

Upon your approval our site personnel will immediately start with the preliminary works: such as delimiting the work area, undertaking safety and security measure and conveying every involved matter with you. No move isn’t carried without your consent; no job is finished without your approval. Our services are fit to your expectations.

Indufit Machine has carried out a considerable number of electrical installations in London and numerous industrial machine installation projects cross wide the UK and worldwide.

As a leading company in the industrial electrical installations field, we are 100% committed to all the projects that we are involved in, exceed ourselves day by day in training and safety, modernisation of machinery, tools and vehicles in order to offer a service that beats all expectations.

Mechanical Industrial Installations

Our Mechanical industrial installations service includes  hydraulic installations, pneumatic installations and electrical installations. Virtually all industrial machines belonging to any industrial installation use electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic circuits.

At Indufit Machine our engineers have been training technicians in London on each of these above mentioned specialisations, so increasing their potential as your manpower to be adaptable and offer global services. And yes, we can solve any mechanical problem quickly and efficiently meanwhile too.

We have, not only a professional skilled and efficient team, but we also provide them with the up-to-date tools and machinery so that they can carry out their work in the fastest and safest way.

And growing.

In the last year we have tripled our number of hydraulic installations in London and at national level we have become a leading company for industrial hydraulic installations thankfully to the constant specialised training in different technical areas.

Industrial Machine Installation

Hydraulic and Pneumatic

Our services have been emphasising their recent trainings in industrial hydraulic and pneumatic installations due to the continuous advances in these fields and the lack of qualified personnel to undertake these work.

In the past, most mechanical technicians with a little knowledge in hydraulics and pneumatics could provide responses with more or less simple installations of machines or production lines.

As the complexity of industrial machines and the sophisticated safety systems are in constant evolution, their capabilities require much more specific and up-to-date training.

The elements and components within  hydraulic or pneumatic systems require more and more electronics led knowledge and on how these are integrated into the machine’s control and software. Expensive diagnosis and quality control systems as the ones our technicians are equipped with, are fully required.

Industrial Hydraulic and Pneumatic Installations

At Indufit Machine we have been aware of this for a long time. And this is why we have taken the right path on offering a reliable service in any hydraulic or pneumatic installation for any industrial sector. And the integration with other mechanical and electrical systems is simply a part of the equation we are focused on.

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