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Since its foundation, at Indufit Machine we have been an industrial supplier of Machinery Removal and Installation services in London, offering our services throughout the UK and Worldwide,  and since then have worked towards one single objective: meeting the demand in the sector for services, such as Machinery removal and installation & industrial equipment installation, offering an integral service to avoid our customers having to jump from one to several companies for projects involving machinery removals and industrial machinery installations.

Some companies are used to hire different separate suppliers for machinery removal and for the machinery installations in one single project. Most of the industrial machine removal and machine installation companies that provide these services cover just one or the two fields. The output of having such limited frame of work is projects having delayed timelines primarily considered due to the complexity in the coordination between different companies involved in the same project.

Indufit Machine covers all the necessary areas for a successful machinery removal and industrial machinery installation (mechanics, electricity, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, plumbing, welding and cutting of structures, movement and loading, transport, start-up….) of any industry sector. We carry out machinery installations and removals in the UK and internationally, thanks to our offices spread worldwide.

Our extensive experience with the industrial machinery removal and installation lays in our policy of constantly training our staff of professionals and a complete array of resources that makes us a leading company for industrial installations. We collaborate regularly with large companies and multinationals from which we constantly receive requests for our specialized and known for their reliability machinery installation services.

Along these forty years in the sector our technicians and resources have experienced constant adequacies in order to provide custom made machinery installation services to meet any demand for the industry needs. Our knowledge which is in a good proportion hands-on based has enabled us to offer your company our and of course our tailored machinery installation services, that will most likely support your company in their new projects involving production facilities.

Indufit Machine aims to change the ‘customer – service provider’ relationship to one involving ‘collaborators’ because our involvement with projects is unparalleled. We make sure from the very first moment to the last that the industrial machinery installations and removals are at its full capacity, offering support in case you require maintenance or a post-installation technical assistance service.

Your company will benefit from a reliable committed and competent service, experienced engineers and technicians, meeting deadlines and costs tailored to your needs.

Is Your Project Requiring Heavey Machinery Removal?

No catalog of machinery removal service is complete if it cannot offer the specialized personnel, equipment, tools and know-how necessary to perform the heavy machinery removal safely.

At Indufit Machine we take very seriously the Safety aspects of your project involving machinery. Our procedures and resources are zero-incidents oriented, and we look forward always to carry your heavy machinery removal covering you expectancies at its fullest.

Indufit Machine aims to redefine the ‘costumer service provider’ relationship by getting all our administrative, logistical and technical personnel, at your availability for the different stages of your project; from start to assist you to outline your project, delivering the required resources at site and to carrying out the job.

Disassembly and Assembly Projects by Indufit Machine

Our services are available throughout the UK and Worldwide for Turnkey projects

Industrial Machinery Removal
  • Europe 90% 90%
  • America 60% 60%
  • Africa 40% 40%
  • Asia and Oceania 20% 20%

Installation of Industrial Machines and Equipment

Indufit Machine is a leading company in providing a myriad of industrial services, from repairing to retrofitting, from dismantling and packing to machinery removals and industrial machinery relocation services, and within these more than 40 years in the industry we have been recognised for our installation of industrial machines and equipment.

Our Machinery Installation solutions are known for being ingenious, but foremostly flexible to modifications, because it is all about moulding to your business operation needs, whether it is for electrical and mechanical machine installations or even to meet new requirements for production lines.

Of course, we have numerous resources and the most sophisticated tools at our disposal so that our team of professionals can offer a complete service that lives up to your expectations and install electronic machines and equipment quickly, safely and reliably so that you can begin to pay back them as soon as possible.

Industrial Machinery Removal & Installation Company

The machine installation at industrial facilities and for equipment is an activity that requires exhaustive and systematic methods for electrical connection and mechanical assemblies. In order to provide them successfully, at Indufit Machine we have developed effective methods, to provide an industrial installation service that can speak for its reliability, speed, organisation and documentative kind, from which your business will benefit saving costs and time.

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