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Industrial Machinery Relocation – Mechanical and Electrical: We work throughout the UK and worldwide delivering lump sum turnkey projects

We are an industrial machinery relocation company providing our service in the UK and worldwide, and based from our office in London, where the coordination for all the processes associated with machinery relocation takes place, so that everything is carried out as planned.

Machinery relocations can be a tedious logistical process if they are not planned well ahead and considered every single aspect, such as; documentation, times, and the correct transportation vehicle. Machines relocations constitute essential tasks when your production facilities undergo important changes.

Many companies that are in the industrial machinery relocation business request our services to manage the entire transportation procedure, which is composed of several steps:

At Indufit Machine we seek after every specific strategy you may have for your project, this is what our industrial relocation services have in first place as premise.

A major plant refurbishment will always involve changes in the arrangement in which they are set out. For instance, machinery relocation involves previous studies that need to be taken into consideration so that the work carried out during reinstallation phase is done with the least setbacks possible. In that sense, our Plant relocation services accounts for having the equipment necessary to do standard jobs, the personnel experienced and trained to understand the nature of the machinery being relocated and of course the technical expertise to propose further arrangements in order to optimize your ideas, and so have our industrial relocation services doing it for more than 40 years across the United Kingdom. Now our Plant relocation services can be delivered anywhere, as our presence is global nowadays.

Machinery Relocation Phases


After the disassembly works for industrial mechanical facilities are completed, our procedure comprises quality assurance inspections, checking that all the disassembled elements are well tag-identified and recorded, including photos and videos. The mechanical parts for each machine must remain in the order in which they have to be assembled, saving time and avoiding unforeseen problems due to a lack of formal procedures.


We have different packing systems always taking into account the destination of the cargo and the type of machines for the relocation of industrial. We have developed our own packing systems for your machinery relocations with factors such as the destination of the cargo and the type of machines to be relocated, always in mind. Each process vary drastically and so we have the best logistical process for each relocation project you have, whether they are local, national or international machinery relocation processes, at Indufit Machine we have got your machines relocation projects. We will tailor every detail so you have the cost of your services controlled.

3 – CARGO.

Indufit Machine as a specialised Machinery relocation company counts with a wide array of special tools, vehicles and skilled technicians with specific knowledge to carry out the relocation of machines and to ensure that they are well secured and ready to be delivered to their final destination, wherever be it.

Machinery relocation is considered as a logistical complex assignment due to the volumes and weights that are handled, but foremostly due to the possible weight distribution imbalance for many machines. For this reason it is always mandatory to have the applicable resources as procedures and the best trained team.


Our preliminary assessment of the resources required for each project involving industrial machinery relocation, allow for cost forecasting and control and safety assurance. Your shipment is adjusted providing you control its affordability and monitoring every single aspect of its security, so at all times you will comply with your internal and external safety measures. Our aim is to ensure that all the relocated parts get in the same condition at their final destination as when machines were transported before.  Your machines relocations necessity within a project are backup with our service, contact us now.

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  • Europe 90% 90%
  • America 60% 60%
  • Africa 40% 40%
  • Asia and Oceania 20% 20%

Industrial Machinery Relocation: Lump Sum Turnkey Projects

As you can see, the risks involved in heavy-duty machinery relocation are considerable. There are many setbacks that can arise from disassembly to assembly and start-up.
 At Indufit Machine we are well aware of all these unforeseen problems.

For this reason, we consider that it is essential to optimise the  industrial machinery relocation with project procedures that provide exact and adaptable activities . These practices indicate in detail the schedule, or machine arrangement, in order to know at all times on their status and to have total control over them.
 Do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering machine or industrial process relocation. We will take care of it from the first to the last moment, offering you a totally guaranteed lump sum turnkey project.

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