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Operatively based in London, but offering our services anywhere else in the UK, Europe and the world, at Indufit Machine our maintenance plans support your operations management, so they comply with your internal maintenance plans, to help look for a reliable functioning of your machines or production lines.

Our industrial maintenance programs are adapted and customized so your company production operations improve in aspects such as the quality of the preventive and corrective maintenance  for your mechanical and electrical equipment.

You will have routinary control, avoid unnecessary stocking expenses and physical space for that, elude spare parts costs, eliminate a lot of unwanted production downtime, substantially improve the condition of your machines and payback them in a shorter time. Many companies still have only corrective maintenance routine, a practice that can only act after your machine is damaged without preventing your production process from halting.

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance requires routine inspections and checks usually set by the machine manufacturer. For proper mechanical and electrical machine performance and to avoid unscheduled shutdowns in production lines preventive maintenance is highly recommended.
The procedures to be followed are usually equipment testing, routine machine inspections, applicable adjustments and checking of settings and measurements, lubrication and greasing, programmed replacement of components and parts….
Sometimes preventive maintenance is confused with predictive maintenance, which we might consider as an extra step that has improved the quality of maintenance in recent times.
Predictive maintenance relates a physical variable to the wear or machine status. It is based on measuring, tracking and monitoring of parameters and operating conditions of equipment, machines or installations. The main goal of predictive maintenance is to predict when a system it needs to be replaced and to pay back it as fast as possible, saving even more costs.
For this purpose, a series of pre-alarm and performance values are defined and managed for all those parameters that are considered mandatory to be controlled and manged.
In any case, both predictive and preventive have the advantage of not having to carry out large and costly interventions in anticipation of breakdowns, avoiding bigger problems.
In addition, the purchase of spare parts is reduced to the moment when they are absolutely necessary, reducing stock costs.
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Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance applies to electrical or mechanical machine failures or breakdowns as soon as they arise. It is common to face the repairs after a failure that implies the production of the impacted installation or machine to stop.
We can distinguish between two types of corrective maintenance: scheduled and unscheduled. The main difference between them is that the unscheduled one is carried out just after the breakdown has happened and usually it has dramatic consequences for production. Scheduled corrective maintenance settle one fixes the breakdown when the required personnel, tools and gears, documentation and drawings are available.
The majority of these cases are unplanned breakdownstherefore repair times need to be as short as possible and more resources, tools and knowledge are often needed. These are generally serious and urgent breakdowns, and their cost is much less than the production losses they cause. That is why it is worthwhile to request the services of an experienced company such as Indufit Machine for technical assistance.

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