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Our breakdown and maintenance services bring back the correct performance to your machines and industrial installations.

The both theoretical and practical approaches given by our repair technicians and engineers for providing our state of the art breakdown services aim to answer promptly and accurately , any technical issues that you may be having. Our services are logistically oriented to identify and repair, avoiding unnecessary excessive costs, machines and industrial systems from different sectors, for instance: textile processes, wood processing, automotive, and manufacturing.

Our resources span from auxiliary items such as chemical products to equipment testing tools. Indufit Machine breakdown services also brings back to service your heavy duty machines, for that matter, our logistics are equipped with the best solutions, and is also movable wherever you need it.

We also have our own workshops for the repair of electronic equipment and precision mechanical parts, where once repaired, they are checked with different tests to guarantee their reliable operation.

We believe that the communication between the technician and the machine operator must be as fluid as possible when detecting certain frequent or sporadic breakdowns. The previous machine breakdown report is very important in the preliminary analysis and saves the technician many hours and therefore repair costs for the customer. There may be cases where breakdowns do not hinder production from continuing and they do not require scheduled assistance, or breakdowns that directly stop production or a significant part of it and require urgent assistance.

At Indufit Machine we cover both cases and we offer different plans for the repair of industrial machinery breakdowns to meet the requirements of each customer. Do not hesitate to contact and we will get back to you with the machine breakdown assistance your production operations need.

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