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Indufit Machine is a company based in London with more than 40 years of experience offering electrical industrial assembly and mechanical mounting machine services for industrial machinery in the UK and worldwide.

Our Mounting Machine Service Team will get your machine or your production line to function as accordingly and fast, a function relied in our information core system fed with every step taken prior to the reassembly or installation of your industrial machinery at its new relocation. So pretty much our Mounting Machine Service Team is aware and updated of every step your machine, machinery, or component has had prior the moment they come to stage; to carry out your Machinery Assembly. This allows us of course to reduce operational times, ensure your timescale accomplishment, fulfill quality controls, and maintain within budget numbers.


Forget in the first place about splitting your project into smaller work packages for machine assemblymount of industrial machinery , so that way you won’t have to deal with adding unnecessary logistical tasks and expenditures to your timescale, like different contractors or subcontractors accommodation costs, transportation and coordination. So having a single service supplier with more than 40 years of expertise in Mounting Machines and machine assembly, for all the tasks involved, shall guarantee the on time delivery of your project.

Indufit Machine information core system allows also for the immediate availability of all the necessary documentation so that the team and the leaders in charge of your industrial mounting machine have the least problems by having access to every single technical aspect and data generated along the previous steps: from operational records, throughout technical assessment data, and its dismantling, packing and transportation services within a singles tool.


A preliminary study is given to our customers with details on the most viable proposed mounting machine procedure and with every single component prior to the machine assembly installation service. In it suggestions for repairs, improvements and modifications are provided so as to set the industrial machines back into production as planned. It is also provided the skilled personnel in charge of the work and a list of the technical resources, tools and spare parts to avoid unforeseen problems which can derive into additional costs.

The procedure to be performed for the mount machinery is in most cases done in reverse order compared to the disassembly tasks sequence.

Indufit Machine provides a national and international industrial mount machines service, supplying state of the art skilled manpower for more than 40 years combined with technology works as an effective diagnostic tool for the  heavy assemblies.

Our commitment as a supplier company for industrial heavy assemblies is to offer the best service in installing and assembly of heavy-duty industrial machinery and mount machine service. We always look for the best quality/price ratio, showing the professionalism, formality and courtesy, which Indufit Machine has been told apart from the rest of the sector.

Indufit Machine: A heavey-duty Machinery Mounting Service Provider.

With its base in London, Indufit Machine is a heavy assemblies supplier, with more than 40 years of experience in the sector, offering mounting machine and also dismantling and assembly for complete production lines and industrial processes, press machinery, textile machinery, folding machines, extrusion and co-extrusion machines, agricultural machinery, wood and carpentry machining centres, rotating machines, automotive machines, CNC machines, machining centres, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, line boring machines, grinding machines, flat grinding machines, food and beverage machines, petrochemical machinery, waste recovery machines and in general all types of machinery in industrial sectors.

Our skilled manpower counts with experience and constant preparation for heavy assemblies and mount machinery, providing a competitive quality service within the industrial sector. Contact us now to find out more on our industrial services and to know on how we can improve these important task within your project.

Indufit Machine has the expertise to support you technically or either on your join venture anywhere. Our industrial heavy assemblies, mounting machine, and machine assembly can be executed worldwide. We have got the logistics for you. Contact us now.

Is your Company currently planning or bidding for a big major industrial machinery mounting? Contact us now and have more information on how we could support you at any stage, we are just keen to join you.

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  • Africa 40% 40%
  • Asia and Oceania 20% 20%

Disassemblies and Assemblies by Indufit Machine

Industrial Machinery Assembly Process


Preliminary Study

Mechanical Assembly

Electrical Assembly


Industrial Machinery Mounting Processes

Having your industrial machinery parts cargo organised as you unpack is vital.

Our procedure for our industrial heavy machinery assemblies service starts with the unloading area and the working area for machine mounting marking and delimiting it with warning signals. In parallel unloading your industrial machinery requires experienced supervision carried by our skilled mechanical and electrical team leaders. By procedure they are in charge of the unloading process. Our procedure comprises within the importance of the order in which it should arrive, being it the same the assembly sequence has.

The machine mounting service processes comprised in a few steps:

  • Cargo Unpacking and Preparation.
  • Mechanical Assembly.
  • Electrical Assembly.
  • Final checks.
  • Start-up.
Mount Machine

Mechanical Assembly of Industrial Machinery

Our procedure states that as for mechanical assembly for industrial machinery, it has to be done by machine block once the bench is ready. It also comprises full steps in which mechanical parts of the machine must be micrometrically aligned before fixing. Then the machines connections and structure are be assembled, along with walkways, steps and access ladders.

Once the machine mechanical assembly has started being supervised, the connections of the pneumatic and hydraulic tubes start, noting with special attention how easy it is to identify as they are tagged and listed previously. Our procedure for Industrial Machinery Assembly and mounting works are described as fast and reliable process with emphasis on ensuring the avoidance of possible failures as once finished it is checked and cross-checked. In the case of improvements, updates, modifications and necessary repairs for the proper operation of the machine or production line are necessary; they will be included as a countermeasure for the procedure.

Machine Mechanical Assembly

Electrical Assembly of Industrial Machinery

At this moment most of the mechanical work may have been completed, so our procedure is to bring the electrical assembly of your industrial machinery by arranging all flexible and rigid conduits that hereinafter are going to be routed through and accordingly under high quality standards control procedures. At this stage of course all wiring lines are going to be pulled through the conduits, on a fast track scheme, as previously we have had tagged and listed down each line.

Our cable and conduit routing are all carried in a manner that each connection is cross-checked as to avoid further failures. This is mostly thank not only to our integrated information system, but also on the wide experience of our technicians. Last minute modifications, improvements and electrical repairs are also complied as probable cases along the process.

Electrical Assembly

Start-up of Industrial Machinery

Our Start-up of Industrial Machinery service is supported by our intensive supervision and testing plus our documentation generating system, so this crucial moment in which the installation and mounting works are verified against failure, and documentation and release for start-ups approval from each previous phase, will accompany on every single task.

This procedure is done step by step, verifying that all the voltages are correct in each of the machine parts being connected, so that there are no power surges. The mechanical manager will check the movements and possible mechanical vibrations. The electrical manager in collaboration with the machine operators, will test the software and screens or control panels, so that everything works correctly. Once this has been verified, the industrial process is put into production and the start-up is completed.

Mounting of Industrial Machinery

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