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Our based operations in London, but with services offered across UK, Europe and the world aren’t limited to Industrial Machinery Disassembly and Assembly services; it involves a tailored service for moving machinery and designed logistics for your transport of industrial machinery, both nation and worldwide. We are Heavey Moving Company our catalog comprises tailored heavy machinery moving services, too. Haven’t we yet mentioned to you about our mechanical and electrical disassembly service, have we? They are just amazing, and have turnkey projects approach, so pretty much we work under your supervision and exigencies. Machinery moving is part of our routine, lay it on us.

Our Machine Moving and Engineering for moving machine is carried attending every single aspect of your safety exigence and outputted with professionalism, considering the different technical challenges and risks involved in it. Normally, Machinery moving, relocation and transport face setbacks that can be arisen from unstructured logistical processes, lack of expertise in document handling and processes, or just simply when the process of moving machinery is executed by non specialised companies. At Indufit Machine we always comply our safety procedures to the necessary safety measures at your facilities, analising every task within the timeline planning. We are among other machinery moving companies, a committed a specialised machinery transport supplier keen to attend every single requirement.

As a heavy moving company we are committed to provide in depth high technical approaches for your moving machine requirements. At Indufit Machine our machinery moving specialists will outline the whole process verifying that safety is met at all times, assessing resources suitable for your heavy moving needs, and targeting major threats within your project.

Indufit Machine machinery moving specialists have been upholding with heavy machinery moving services for more than four decades vindicating the quality policy of our company and the reputation that as heavy moving company we have achieved.

We have the know-how for machine moving procedures, which have been successfully applied in projects around the world and the resources necessary to make a safe, reliable, within timetable and budget job out of our Industrial Moving Machinery service. Meaning that in our procedures and plans; timetables, locations and cargo distribution are carefully attended and work synchronised to have full control of your Machinery Moving, at all times.

Your project’s heavy machinery moving is in good hands with us.

Is your company planning a project overseas and are having a hard time finding a reliable and experienced an international machinery transport services, contact us, let’s talk about your needs and get your quotation with no commercial commitment.

Indufit Machine is leader in the machine moving and relocation sector, we have more than 40 years providing reliable and on time machinery transport services, offering services to companies in all sectors (metal industry, steel industry, automobile, graphic arts, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage, aerospace and naval industry, mining and quarrying, agricultural machinery and public works, textile industry, petrochemical industry, environmental waste management, energy and supply, carpentry machines, excavators, construction machines, heavy-duty machinery…) We are your most reliable option for Heavy machinery movers and industrial machinery movers. Our procedures are backed up with state of the art technology for any machinery moving project. As it involves transport of expensive industrial machinery, flexible but systematic processes are necessary to protect your business area and staff, bearing in mind that costs must be as affordable as possible. As industrial machinery movers, your operational needs are met with our systematic approach.

Contact us now and tell us more about your relocation projects so we can evaluate them and provide you with the best machinery transport solution. At Indufit machine we are used to performing all kinds of work in the industrial field. Let’s say being your Machinery Movers supplier is just a good part from our catalog.

Equipment: Transportation Companies

Being an international machinery transport company, commit us with having a well packed personnel (technicians and engineers), who play with vast experience and knowledge; having available and deployable transportation equipment with which our industrial machinery transport  service foster its operations. For instance we count with:

  • Trailers, lorries, low-load lorries, crane lorries, transport lorries with ramps and winches, crane lorries, vans, pilot cars…) that your company’s project requires.

Equipment for machinery handling:

  • Gantries, forklift lorries, cranes, lifting platforms… that are critical for this type of work.

We also have modern and robust tools such as:

  • Hydraulic jacks, tanks, hoists, levellers, slings, aligners… always available and guaranteeing the handling and transportation of heavy-duty industrial machinery within the established timeframe and conditions.
Movimiento y transporte de maquinaria industrial
  • Europe 90% 90%
  • America 50% 50%
  • Africa 40% 40%
  • Asia and Oceania 20% 20%

Industrial Machinery Transportation Process

Mechanical and Electrical Material Organization

With our highly structured organisational processes together with our core information system your assembly material for mechanical and electrical works are organised with precision, providing no setbacks for downstream processes such as Industrial Assembly and Disassembly works, Transportation, Packing and so.

Once the disassembly of the machine or industrial process has been completed, it is necessary to carry out an organized inspection of its packaging. As part of our procedure, at Indufit Machine each process must be recorded and documented, with photos and videos, when necessary. The mechanical parts and components are organised in a way they can be dispatched following the order in which they are going to be assembled, so pretty much the last thing to be disassembled is usually the first thing to be assembled.

Moving and Transport of Industrial Machinery Company

Does it sound familiar?

In the case of electrical wiring, our procedures have the easiest and most reliable way by classifying cables by type, power, operation, communication and optical fibre, always making several copies of the disconnection documentation.

Packing: Preparation for Handling and Transportation of the Machines.

The types of packaging for preparation of the machines moving and transportation can be very different depending on the needs of the customer, the nature of transport, the type of machine, fragility and of course the destination of the cargo.

Costs can vary considerably from one type of packaging to another, so at Indufit Machine we consider that the type of packaging for each type of machine must be adapted as much as possible. Therefore we pursue the goal of reducing costs as much as possible without compromising the state of the cargo at any time.

We will always have a packing list of the packaged cargo to know what packaging contains, hence reducing the potential of setbacks. We consider it a fundamental step in the preparation for the machines moving and transport and production lines.

Moving of Industrial Machinery

Cargo: Machinery Transport

Our machinery transportation service requires the adequate moving facilities, equipment and know-how, to meet the minimum required parameters for load security. Dimensioning the cargo for your machinery handling and transportation will be part of our duty, and we are going to do it looking to meet your operational needs in every single stage, evaluating form simpler shipping cargoes to more complex ones, it all will depend on the size of your operations, expectations and needs.

For some of them, simple loading cranes will be necessary. But for others it will be required, complex specific cranes with skilled personnel qualified and certified for this purpose, and very specific lifting procedures, which by the way, and in any case, must provide maximum safety for both the cargo and the personnel that handles it.

Moving of Industrial Machinery Company

Handling and transportation of heavy machinery involves risks that must be taken into account. For this reason, the work has to be optimized and very detailed processes have to be established in advance in order to have total control of the cargo handling  and the transport machinery.

How to Choose a Company able to provide Good and Reliable Industrial Machinery Transportation and Handling Service.

Without a thorough preliminary plan able provide a full array of the resources necessary for an adequate machinery transport, the potential for cost and time deviation are increasingly higher.

At Indufit Machine we understand the importance of having a plan and an overview of the machine transport process and the industrial machinery disassembly & assembly process. Our method generates data for each of the parts prior and during the packing process, so in this way the increase of utility of our machinery transport service is achieved. In this way, the amount of required resources will be known when assessing transport costs. For us it is all about planning ahead after all.

Transport of Industrial Machinery

Our company carries out land, air and off-shore transport worldwide, with our central office located in London, our services are available across UK and Europe. And Worldwide, if your operations requires it so. The required procedures, insurance and permits required obviously vary depending on the destination, but the reliability of the cargo arriving safe with the least setbacks at its destination is guaranteed. We take it seriously when it comes to meet your needs for specialised machinery transport and machine moving needs. Contact us now and ask for your non-commitment quotation.

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