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    Industrial Services Company

    Indufit Machine

    Disassembly and assembly of industrial machinery, transport, maintenance and breakdown service, retrofitting, start-up and buying and selling of industrial machinery.

    Services Offered by Indufit Machine

    IndufitMachine is a company based in London (UK) dedicated to providing industrial services for companies. With more than 40 years of experience, we are a company with great initiative and fresh ideas, capable of tackling any project that comes our way in this sector.

    At indufitmachine we offer all types of services:

    • Disassembly of industrial machinery.
    • Assembly of industrial machinery.
    • Handling and Transportation of Industrial Machinery.
    • Mechanical and electrical maintenance and breakdown service.
    • Retrofitting or refurbishment of used or obsolete machinery.
    • Start-up.
    • Buying and selling of used machinery.
    • Repair of Industrial Machinery.
    • Industrial Installations.
    • Industrial Assemblies.

    We work with production lines and industrial processes, textile machinery, folding machines, extrusion and co-extrusion machines, machines for the food and agriculture sector, CNC machines, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, flat grinding machines and in general all types of machinery in industry sectors.

    We offer our service to companies in all industry sectors:

    • Graphic arts.
    • Food.
    • Textile.
    • Wood.
    • Metal.
    • Agriculture.
    • Automobile.
    • Medicine.
    • Renewable energy.
    • Mining.


    Do not hesitate to contact us regarding all your needs or projects, since at IndufitMachine we will be delighted to assist you and advise you on your next improvements or future projects. Each of our employees will be involved in order to offer you a quality and professional service.

    We Work at a National and International Level

    • Europe 90%
    • America 70%
    • Africa 50%
    • Asia and Oceania 20%

    Indufit Machine carries out disassembly and assembly of heavy-duty machinery, retrofitting or refurbishment, transportation of machinery and the buying and selling of industrial machinery worldwide. Our numerous projects and satisfied customers are our endorsement. Indufit Machine has worked for the majority of UK companies dedicated to the industrial sector, providing new ideas and knowledge.

    Maintenance and Breakdown Service

    Maintenance and Breakdown Service

    Indufit Machine has offered support for industrial maintenance and breakdowns in the industrial sector for over 40 years. We have known how to combine this experience with new technologies and methods when generating maintenance and development plans for troubleshooting and breakdown systems. We put at your disposal the way to reduce costs, our experience, knowledge, technical resources, flexibility and as a consequence of all this, the improvement of the results obtained by your company.

    To receive a quote tailored to your company’s needs, please contact Indufit Machine

    Disassembly and Assembly of Industrial Machinery

    Disassembly and Assembly of Industrial Machinery

    We offer a service to all companies in the industrial sector featuring the disassembly and assembly of industrial machines, production processes and lines, fast, reliable and effective thanks to a well-designed and organised methodical process.

    We produce a preliminary study to advise you on the condition of the machines, possible repairs and recommended improvements within the tightest possible budget.

    We provide a service both nationally and internationally, providing each project with the knowledge we have acquired over years of work, effort and commitment to our customers.

    Disassembly and Assembly by Indufit Machine

    Graphic arts
    • 4 Rotary Man Roland Uniman.
    • 5 Heidelberg  M-600.
    • 3 Man Roland Rotoman.
    • 1 KBA Rapida 75.
    • 2 Man Roland Newsman.
    • 4 Heidelberg Speedmaster.
    • 3 Goss Universal 70
    • 1 Man Roland Regioman.
    • 2 Harris 850.
    • 4 Harris 300.
    • 1 Man Roland Roland 206.
    • 2 Ryobi 526 hxx.
    • 1 Goss Sunday 3000 y 5000.
    • 3 Man Roland Uniset.
    • 2 Nebiolo.
    • 1 Man Roland Cronoman.
    • 3 Heidelberg Gtofp.
    • 2 KBA Varijet.
    • 1 Goss Uniliner
    • 2 Man Roland Lithoman.
    • 1 KBA Comander.
    • 2 Goss Magnum.
    • 3 Baker Perkins G16.
    • 1 Goss Colorliner.
    • 2 KBA Rapida 105.
    • 4 Man Roland Euroman.
    • 1 KBA Rapida 74
    • 6 Man Roland Roland 500.
    • 1 Harris 1000.
    • 2 Man Roland Roland 700.
    • 3 Ryobi 755.
    • 1 Man Roland Roland 200.
    • 2 KBA Comet.
    • 3 Man Roland Roland 50.
    • 2 Komori Lithrone.
    • 3 Man Roland Roland 50.
    • 1 Miller TP 104.
    • 2 Man Roland Roland 900.
    • 1 Shinohara 75.
    • 1 Ring spinner Saurer.
    • 2 Picanol weaving machine.
    • 4 Rius knitting machines.
    • 1 Spinner Lohia Group.
    • 2 Mikrosam fabric production lines.
    • 1 Air jet texturizer.
    • 2 Rotator for TMT Aiki Riotech polyester.
    • 1 Karl Mayer Gluing Machine.
    • 2 Rius fabric folding machine.
    • 1 Roth strip unwinder.
    • 2 Kuris fabric dressers.
    • 3 Comatex automatic sewing machines
    • 2 Valvan bale presses.
    • 1 Bullet press Autefa.
    Folding Machines
    • 1 Pivatic electric folding machine.
    Extrusion and Co-extrusion
    • 1 Krauss Maffei Sica.
    • 2 Weber Ds 10.
    • 1 Jiming Line.
    • 1 Weber Ds 8.22.
    • 2 Bausano Md 2 88.
    • 1 King-Plus Line.
    • 1 Itib Fv 32 72.
    • 2 Corelco.
    • 1 Corma 1520.
    • 2 Amut Ea 70.
    • 1 Davis-Standard Line.
    • 2 Cincinnati Cms 60.
    • 1 Weber Ne7.
    • 1 Stein kt1 Line.
    • 2 Muller.
    • 1 Bandera Line.
    Mechanical/Electrical Press
    • 2 Fagor mechanical press.
    • 2 Schuler mechanical press.
    • 1 Goanwin mechanical press.
    • 2 Fagor Forging Press.
    • 1 Schuler Hydraulic Press.
    Various Machines
    • 1 Turbotecnica shot blasting machine.
    • 2 Tosca shot blasting machines for metal.
    • 1 Gebo Cermex washing machine.
    • 2 Lina for filling and sealing of Ampack Ammann glasses.
    • 1 Martin ripper.
    • 1 Tecnova recycling line.
    • 2 Process of Pasteurized Apv Tubular.
    • 1 Haver & Boecker cement line.

    Handling and Transportation of Industrial Machinery

    Handling and Transportation of Industrial Machinery

    Indufit Machine, based in London, is a company that offers a complete machine handling and transportation service, as well as for production lines and industrial processes. We develop complete projects from the preliminary study, to the start of production, including disassembly, transportation and assembly of machines.

    We optimise all established steps and processes, work procedures and organisation in order to reduce costs as much as possible.

    Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

    Repair of Industrial Machinery

    Repair of Industrial Machinery

    Indufit Machine has a team of professionals and the tools, resources and logistics necessary to carry out the repair of industrial machinery from any sector. From our office in London, we coordinate all industrial machinery repairs, adjusting to the needs of our customers at all times and in all cases to minimise the costs of each project.
    We carry out electrical and electronic repairs, mechanical repairs, pneumatic and hydraulic repairs, and in general any type of industrial technical assistance service that your company’s machines require.
    We also offer an urgent industrial machinery repair assistance service to minimise the production downtime that your business may experience.

    Industrial Assemblies

    Industrial Assemblies

    Our team of professionals has more than 40 years’ experience with industrial assemblies and together with our training programme guarantee the continuous operation of the company when it comes to industrial assemblies. Our customers, who are familiar with the training of our personnel, are requesting our services more and more and we work with them on a regular basis on all the industrial assembly projects they have to deal with.

    We can provide you with a preliminary study of the industrial assembly to be carried out, and we will advise you on possible improvements or recommended modifications.

    Installation of Machinery

    Installation of Industrial Machinery

    At Indufit Machine we offer you technical advice and mechanical and electrical assessments on the industrial machinery installation that you want to carry out and we will give you a detailed report on the condition of the machines. We have the tools, machinery and technical resources to carry out any industrial machinery installation.

    Our engineers and technicians will undertake the required project in order to obtain the best result for the amortisation of your business through exemplarily finished and functional industrial installations. Do not hesitate to contact us, our quotes will surprise you.

    Industrial Installations

    Industrial Installations

    We have engineers and installation technicians specialised in electricity, mechanics, welding and cutting of structures, plumbing, pneumatics, hydraulics, air conditioning equipment….in all industry sectors. We carry out many projects involving industrial installations at a national and international level, because the resources at our disposal cannot be equated with those of other companies that are not capable of dealing with large industrial installations.

    We offer a preliminary study to analyse the feasibility of each installation or industrial project that the customer needs, so we can calculate the tightest deadlines and the necessary equipment for the installation.

    Likewise, our budgets cannot be compared to those from other companies as we adjust for the real needs of each industrial installation to be carried out.

    Transporting Machinery

    Transporting Machinery

    We offer a global service of industrial machinery transportation, taking care of all the necessary permits and licenses in each case. We will put your industrial machinery wherever in the world that your company needs it, so that you only have to worry about telling us where and when.

    We carry out land and sea transport, being very competitive in specialised transportation of large-scale heavy-duty industrial machinery.
    We have an extensive and modernised fleet of vehicles, prioritising the security of the cargo so that it arrives safely at its destination.

    Retrofitting and Start-up of Industrial Machinery

    Retrofitting and Start-up of Industrial Machinery

    Indufit Machine’s work in this area is most complex and delicate. There is a need for resources, infrastructure, knowledge, experience and coordination that is not within the reach of just any company. We carry out any type of retrofitting and modification of industrial machinery, and we put at your disposal a team of technicians and resources capable of facing any challenge that your company demands of us.

    By upgrading your machines, you will be able to have a current and modern production line with new amortisation periods without having to invest heavily in new machinery.

    Buying and Selling of Used Machinery

    Buying and Selling of Used Machinery

    Indufit Machine also offers a service involving the buying and selling of used machinery. If you are thinking of buying or disposing of used machinery you should contact Indufit Machine. Our extensive experience in the industrial sector and our contacts allow us to provide a good and fast outlet for used machines from auctions and the used market. We can also advise you on the condition of the machines and whether the investment is worthwhile. Sometimes machines that seem to be in very good condition require a large investment and, on the contrary, machines that look like scrap metal, can be a good purchase after a good retrofitting. For all these reasons, we are at your disposal to clarify your doubts.

    Indufit Machine provides service to Companies that require Disassembly and Assembly of their Industrial Machinery in the UK:

    London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leicester, Stoke-on-Trent, Bradford, Coventry, Nottingham, Kingston-upon-Hull, Belfast, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunderland, Brighton, Derby, Plymouth, Wolverhampton, Southampton, Swansea…

    Worldwide Service


    Urgent Service

    Technical Advice

    Turnkey projects

    Do not hesitate to contact us about your needs

    If you have any questions or technical problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Disassembly and Assembly of Industrial Machines

    Industrial Processes



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