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We cover your business operation needs for Industrial Machine Disassembly, Industrial Machine and Equipment mobilisation, Production Lines dismantling, and industrial Assembly services.

Our industrial Disassembly service stretches out from industrial machinery to complete production lines. Our logistics are just designed to attend every detail and work under your premises.

At Indufit Machine before proceeding with the dismantling of industrial machinery, we set out certain procedures to be followed aiming an assessment to decide whether the transportation of the machine or machinery will be cost-effective. Of course it all will be set out within your timescale and budget.

Our preliminary assessment’s impact prior to the industrial dismantling advises you on what fits best either for your machinery Disassembly project or complete production line dismantling by reporting actual technical conditions of the machines, evaluating preventive repair measures, site modifications or improvements recommended for enhanced operation at the new location.

Once the preliminary study has been carried out, with all the collected and diagnosed information, a BOQ (Bill of Quantities) will be issued providing in full the requested Disassembly machine service details, so you can have full control on every item.

Upon formal acceptance, your machinery Disassembly service begins with the electrical dismantling by labelling and disconnecting the electrical wiring, following the hydraulic and pneumatic lines, meanwhile an exhaustive list of each of them is being made.

Consecutively, all the different components from the mechanical disassembly are removed from the installation and assigned a code, while the complete and detailed list issuance of every component from the dismantling is carried out.

No machinery disassembly nor production line dismantling offers a packing process as ours. Our meticulous way, list, classify, packs and handled accordingly, whatever your transportation needs are, wherever your load needs to reach, so your machinery is in good hands with our machinery dismantling procedure.

Additionally our machinery dismantling machine services includes the residual material handling for clean disposal. Our industrial Disassembly service is carried out following safe, clean and environmentally reliable practices in compliance with local agencies and our client policies in that regard. Of course all subject to your approval, under your direction, our control, and our Industrial Disassembly service.

Disassembly and Assembly Former Projects by Indufit Machine

Industrial Machinery Disassembly Companies: Indufit Machine in the Industry

Being a company specialized on industrial Disassembly services for more than 40 years, in which providing tailored solutions to different companies from different industry sectors became part of our technical core as an industry supplier, at Indufit Machine we are keen to support your production facilities operations by offering dismantling of heavy-duty industrial machinery, industrial maintenance services and breakdown urgent repair service. Our skilled professionals are there with their vast experience, reliable and prompt answer oriented, but most important with great flexible ideas to adapt best to your business operations.

The scope of our Disassembly work on industrial machinery spans from heavy-duty machinery, throughout entire production lines and industrial processes, presses, textile production lines, folding machines, extrusion and co-extrusion machines, food processing machines, woodworking machines, CNC machines, machining centres, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, line boring machines, flat grinding machines, which means pretty much, for machinery from different industry sectors.

Among our services we count with the handling, control and transportation of heavy-duty machinery, start-up, electrical and mechanical maintenance, retrofitting, consultancy services on used machinery purchase, breakdown service and fine tuning. Contact us; we may come up with the solution that fits you best.

Our Services are Available Throughout the UK and Worldwide for Turnkey Projects

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Industrial Machinery Disassembly Process


Preliminary Study

Electrical Disassembly

Mechanical Disassembly

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Preliminary Study and Technical Advisory

Investing in second hand machinery or looking up for them at industrial auctions requires, the expertise and research prior acquisition, whether trying to find out the technical-financial feasibility and if the machinery can be paid back in the short or medium term.

At times industrial machinery bargains end up becoming nightmares for the purchasers without the proper criteria for analysing the best fit. A preliminary survey on the machine’s condition seems crucial to come up with a right solution. At the end, it is your financial resources you put in game.

Let’s see further. With our preliminary survey, decision factors such as disassembly, transportation, reassembly and start-up related costs are taken into account for the right decision. Otherwise misleading conductions may have a rising effect in these costs; post midterm poor work performance, hidden damages, and wear touched up.

Machinery Disassembly

For all these reasons, Indufit Machine offers an industrial machinery Disassembly and complete production lines dismantling service that includes the preliminary study, production tests, and type of required maintenance, as well as listing the spare parts and possible compatibility with the obsolete material.

It is a question of clearly specifying the whole process with the most accurate expenditure forecast possible in order to determine the feasibility of the investment.

Electrical dismantling of Industrial Machinery

Once the work area has been defined and secured, the electrical dismantling of the machinery begins by labelling of the electrical wiring. Each cable is tagged and noted down, and then all the wiring canalisation are removed from the electrical system and neatly stored in drawers, in a way that the cables are identifiable by its type from the packing list.

Our identification and disconnection method is 100% reliable and fast, saving time in both disconnection and connection times, and without wasting time on breakdowns caused by the wrong connection. We are therefore able to quote a lower price. Your industrial dismantling is in good hands with us, contact us now.

Dismantling of Industrial Machinery

Mechanical Disassembly of Industrial Machinery

At Indufit Machine it is understood that your project at your production facilities demand fast-track modifications, so our mechanical machinery Disassembly service is tailored to meet your needs. After the wiring has been removed, the hydraulic and pneumatic system of the machine or production line are tagged and disconnected as with the same method done with the Electrical Machine Disassembly procedure. Though being relatively different procedures, the outcome is basically de itemized list of components, listed down by category, handled and stored properly.

Secondary structural components such as handrails, floors, stairs, etc. are mechanically disassembled in order to free the main blocks of the machine, industrial equipment or production line, in modules for better tagging, lifting and mobilisation; and yes, packing and shipping if your project requires it so.

Industrial Disassembly Service

Cargo Packing and Preparation

Our packing procedure for shipping considers different variables for a good outcome and will rely on the type of machine, volume, and weight distribution. For us the destination of the cargo and the transport type will also play a fundamental role, whether by land, sea or air. Each package must have a description of every part it contains and be prepared against loosening while in transit.

Small mistakes. Shipping Transportation Nightmares.

At Indufit Machine we care even for the small details during the packing and documentation preparation so your shipping and packing list travel with no setbacks to impact on your project’s schedule. We also offer our costumer the possibility of purchasing shipping transportation insurances just for the value they deem necessary.

Machinery Dismantling Service

The importance of this stage lays down in the imperative necessity of monitoring of the cargo. Once it arrives at its destination, our packing list and the audio-visual resources in it will facilitate the reverse unpacking process; unloading, unpacking, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly and start-up.

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Mechanical and Electrical Assembly

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