Disassembly and Assembly of a Goss Press

Indufit Machine took part in the disassembly, moving, mounting and start-up works for a rotative press Goss HT 70. The machinery moving service was provided from its original location at Fabripress industrial facilities in Meco up to its final location at Recoprint HQ at more than 400 km, in Seville.

Once in Seville, modification works started by changing the press two reel holders location, which originally were located below the printing modules. The proposed new location was at the same level of the printing modules. The moving of the rotative press was achieved ahead of the estimated time, on count of the effort of all the personnel involved, and the planning which considered every single aspect and did a simulation to forecast potential setbacks.

As for the Start-Up works, and despite the challenge of performing the rotation of the paper reels due to the new holders location (same level as the printing modules), the output was successful.

Though it represented at some point a threat to the correct functioning of the press, our personnel went on with the plan relying on their own capacity. Today, the printing modules and the rotative press are in full capacity production at Diario El Mundo, a local newspaper.

 – Disassembly and loading for moving took 3 months.

– Mounting at its new location and the start-up were executed in 4 months including trial period.

The good results on this challenge are there thanks, in first place, to our committed team of technicians and workers whom without their effort this wouldn’t have been possible.

Disassembly and Assembly of a Goss Press HT70

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