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Industrial Machinery Movers: We work throughout the UK and Worldwide delivering Turnkey projects

Industrial Machinery Movers in the UK, and also worldwide commonly apply procedures that in most cases are far from what was is really expected by the company/customer.

There are many cases where the extra costs due to poor planning, study, lack of organisation and even improvisation finally tear down a good plan. All these undesirable setbacks produce a considerably increase on the payback periods for industrial machine assemblies, beyond the minimum acceptable.

As a result, and in order to minimize these extra costs, many industrial machinery and heavy machinery movers are trying to reduce them in terms of hiring unskilled and untrained personnel or low quality of materials.

This is why at Indufit Machine, a leading industrial Machinery and Heavy Machinery movers company based in London, we are very clear that the main points on maintenance processes and industrial assemblies have to be applied from first contact with the company/customer. We bring to the table potential setbacks within the project you want to carry out and we as industrial machinery movers and assembly experts offer you efficient and successful contrasted solutions in other industrial projects we have carried out like:

– Production lines.
– Assembly of industrial machinery.
– Electrical and mechanical assemblies.
– Metal constructions, structures and pipes.
– Assembly of industrial plants.
– Our services as Industrial machinery Movers cover both the UK territory and Worldwide.

The experience developed on these type of industrial projects with this type of industrial project over the years allows us to foresee most of the problems that may arise. Our experience as machinery movers for more than 40 years provide us with the expertise necessary to foresee every aspect that may come.

All this is possible thanks to resources and infrastructure that we have been adapting and modernizing according to the requirements of our clients, and to the continuous training of a professional with an impeccable track record.

Are you looking for international machinery movers, at Indufit Machine, we will be happy to help you.

Machinery Movers
  • Europe 90% 90%
  • America 60% 60%
  • Africa 40% 40%
  • Asia and Oceania 20% 20%
services as Industrial machinery Movers

Disassembly and Assembly of Industrial Machinery by Indufit Machine

Industrial Electrical Assembly

Throughout our extensive experience, we have carried out a wide range of industrial electrical assemblies, offering national and international coverage thanks our worldwide office network.

At national level and from our headquarters in London, we use all the resources and technological capabilities to carry out industrial electrical assembly in a fast, reliable and efficient way, giving your company the technological level it deserves. Additionally we are also an industrial machinery movers capable to fulfill your project needs with our services as industrial machines movers and heavy machinery movers.

Every day, Indufit Machine is constantly evolving, investing in technology, resources, tools and training. In That way our engineers and technicians can work safely and carry out industrial electrical assemblies with sophisticated automation and management systems. Our goal is to achieve an unmatched energy-efficient work environment.

Please contact us and we will offer you a budget customized to your needs.  We will carry out a diagnosis of your facilities and design a project to fit your business needs.

Machinery Movers

Industrial Mechanical Assembly

At Indufit Machine we are constantly struggling to do our job as efficiently as possible, and this is clear in all the industrial mechanical assembly projects we carry out.

Structure assembly works, industrial mechanical assembly of heavy-duty machinery or assembly of highly sophisticated machines belonging to technological companies are challenges we face constantly and continue to add experience to our team of professionals.

We have specialists in mechanics, pneumatics and hydraulics, bench alignment and levelling of industrial machines, and we make them available to your company to ensure that the industrial mechanical assembly you want to carry out is done in the most successful way possible. Furthermore, our experience as national machinery movers combined with our assembly works, provide you with a full service in which your project can rely.

Excellence in our work is what differentiates us from the rest of companies that are dedicated to industrial mechanical assembly, and not many can work simultaneously as industrial machinery movers. These competitors sometimes seek to reduce costs in the quality of materials and supplies ‘that are not seen’ in the installation, and that in the medium and long term can lead to reliability problems, therefore compromising the long term quality.

At Indufit Machine we consider that those practices represent unnecessary risks, and our target as industrial assembly and industrial machinery movers company has always been, is and will always be ‘to reduce costs without impacting the quality and safety of our work’.

Machinery Movers
Industrial Machinery Movers

Metallic Constructions

One of the activities in which Indufit Machine has been most involved, mainly due to the demand of our customers, is in the field of metallic constructions.

We have the most advanced resources and tools for our qualified personnel to carry out work in the most efficient, safe and fastest way, significantly reducing costs during implementation times.

We build all types of metallic constructions for industrial and construction sectors, with ingenious and functional metallic carpentry projects. We manufacture custom-made metallic structures with the designs you suggest or that are the best option for your project.

Resources and Infrastructure

We have the necessary resources and infrastructure to execute with total confidence any project that you propose to us and the purchase of any required resource if necessary.

At Indufit Machine we are committed to the investment, looking for the way to payback it with future projects. We have a complete range of vehicles, tools and technical resources already paid back thankfully to former industrial assembly projects.

Our commitment is total to the projects that we carry out and that conveys calm and security to all our clients, being aware that they have all the resources and infrastructure that are available to us.

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Mechanical and Electrical Assembly

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